This page is about what I’m up to in my personal life and what I am leaning on my day to day basis.

June-July 2019

Learning Digital Marketing 📊

  • Leaning all the concepts of Digital Marketing SEO, SEM, how google search engine works, how websites rank on google. Also working on on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Amazon Niche Site 🌐

  • Working on an Amazon niche site and applying all the SEO techniques that I am learning side by side.

Freelancing 💰

  • Started as a Freelancer on and completed my first order.

Book 📗

  • Reading ZERO TO ONE in my free time.

Instagram Marketing 

  • Learning some basics of Instagram marketing and how to grow on Instagram.

         Update: Crossed 1k followers on my Instagram page not that much but yaa good start. 

Music 🎧

  • My Spotify playlists here

page last updated:10-May- 2019 / inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now project.